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The brand was created in 2013 to offer an Eco-friendly product to people who not only care about the style but also about the impact on the environment and the importance of social responsibility. The aim is to supply customers with good quality products, with friendly and efficient service and build awareness to empower customers to participate in environmentally sustainable solutions and a fair and Ecofriendly way of thinking... Antonio Verde has been working with certified factories based in either developed or newly industrialized countries since the beginning of the brand.. Every factory is regularly visited to maintain and improve long term business relationships and to see at first-hand how they are run. They are medium-sized family-run businesses and absolutely refrain from using child labor and therefore do not employ any underage workers. Employees are treated with respect. They have appropriate working hours and a free weekend. They receive a fair wage, have health insurance coverage and are not expected to work in hazardous or uncomfortable conditions.